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Our property is a cozy B & B located less than 1 km from the center of Cerda, in a hilly area 400 meters above sea level, from where you can admire beautiful landscapes and breathtaking. From our rooms, you can have a splendid view across the valley dell’Himera to reach the sea.
On clear sunny days, you can come to have even a picture of the Aeolian islands, just looking out our windows. In our Bed and Breakfast you will find a landscape without equal, friendly and relaxing atmosphere and produced absolutely natural and ecological, treated and prepared directly in our estate. In addition, by taking advantage of our villa as a base, according to their passions you can easily reach the sea, advancing with excursions to the park Madonie, discover the eno-gastronomy, and visit many wonderful places of tourist interest, or more just spend a quiet day, in absolute peace and relaxation.


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Villa for rent in Sicily

Villa for rent in Sicily


How do you look for a Villa for rent in Sicily?
Sicily is the largest island located in the Mediterranean, just off Italy’s boot. The place is a perfect place for villas especially for those who need to enjoy the cool climate of the city. You will definitely be certain that you get the best one if you were to look for a perfect place to stay. The city has been the crossroads of many cultures for 3,000 years, another history reflected in cuisine, ancient ruins and diverse architecture. Palermo, which is the capital, provides colorful street life, Byzantine mosaics and bustling markets at the Cappella Palatina for the residents.

How do you get Villa for rent in Sicily?

First, you can do your online research if you need the best place where you would get these options. Through a proper research that you would do in the city, you will find a wide range of villas that will work best for you especially when looking for the best design in the city of Sicily.

How can you do this? Internet has many real estate companies in the city that rent these villas depending on the designs that you need, like real estate agent K. Ann Brizolis. Depending on the real estate properties that you would get, you will make your decision on which one that you would have depending on your designs. Those who have acquired it have been certified with the quality of villas especially when looking for the best in the city.

The cost of villas in Sicily should be a factor that you must consider when you looking for the best deals. How should you find out about the cost? The cost of villas in Sicily will always determine the design that you would buy depending on your taste and preference. Through researching on the market, you will find about different prices thus enabling you make an informed choice as per your desires. In addition, it would give you a great opportunity to save money while getting those attractive and new villas in the city.

The design of villas in Sicily should be a factor for you to determine when making your choice. If you need to get a perfect deal, you must know the latest villas designs that will depend on the factors especially when acquiring them. You should choose those excellently looking designs that will redefine your living.

The location of the Villa for rent in Sicily should be a factor for you when looking for these deals in the market. You must be able to select a good location with cool climate and breeze when you need one for rent. With a good location, you will definitely be certain that you would enjoy yourself when you select a good place to reside in.

It is also important that you get help from real estate experts in Sicily if you lack ideas on how to select the best villa for renting. With their market experience, they will help you make an informed choice when looking Villa for rent in Sicily.

In conclusion, the above is a guide on how to get Villa for rent in Sicily.


Villas for rent

Villas for rent


When visiting the exotic location, they provide the best guide to make you comfortable at these places. These affordable villas are pleasant to make you feel the best. They are provided with the best services and most importantly, in being luxurious, they are affordable and give you the best feeling of a vacation at Sicily, which is famous for its remarkable beauty.

Boarding a villa : 

The real estate companies here are professional and top hit in the list of providing villas for rent. They have been serving for a long time to satisfy their customers. These are really an amazing offer for every customer who is interested to come out of their busy, stressful life. They are strict and selective with their service that they provide for their clients. The service is extended to their provision of privacy, amenities, décor, ambiance and designs that are excellent in every aspect. The basic amenities that are provided are ATM spaces, rental spaces for banks, fire fighting spaces, panel solar boiler, basketball court, food court, helipad, tennis court, pool table, solar panel for services and laundry unit. There is also a gymnasium, sports facility, rain water harvesting, childrens play area, jogging track, 100% power back up and landscaped gardens.

These villas resemble some best designs and are arranged to enjoy the best of nature. The community that has been providing these buildings for rent, has given a great opportunity to enjoy the holidays at Sicily.

They are providing the best facilities that would really give the pleasure of visiting Sicily. You can avail these villas as a reliable form of property, by giving proper details and following rules according to the renting process. They are going to provide terms and conditions, which are necessary and must be followed. There are, indeed a lot of amenities that are provided, which help contribute to a perfect stay at the place.

Specialties of Sicily : 

One of the most unique thing that Sicily is famous for, is the cuisine. These specialties bring excitement to enjoying the global taste. There are a lot of recreation at the place that would give you a perfect vacation. The weather is best during winter and you can also enjoy the valley of temples at Agrigento. There is Cefalu, which is the western part of Sicily and you can rent these villas to enjoy your time at these places.

Summary : 

The designs of these villas are splendid in getting you the most attractive and best of holiday destinations. You can really enjoy your stay in these rentals with your family.


What makes Villas unique?

What makes Villas unique?


Villa usually refers to a luxurious private house which is either rented or is bought for some time for some vacation or occasionally. People usually prefer villas over hotels as they are better and luxurious alternatives when compared to staying in a hotel for vacations.  Villas tend to be more comfortable and exclusive as compared to any other staying place.  The intimate and private setting usually attracts most of the travellers. The difference between a villa and a hotel is not much. The services in a villa are similar to the services offered in a hotel.  The breakfast, various cleaning services, etc. are all provided and are a part of living in a villa and you would not feel like a guest when you are residing and enjoying your stay in these villas.

Some of the luxurious villas often may consist of one to twenty luxurious and spacious bedrooms.  The manicured, green and sprawling gardens are also a part of the beautiful villas. A water fixture, be it some fountain or a swimming pool, is a must and adds to the authenticity and exclusiveness of the villas. The view that is provided by the balconies in the villas is usually enviable and is breathtaking. One would like to spend most of the time over the balconies or the terraces because of the amazing skyline view which is provided to the people living in the villas. High end material is used for the construction and decoration of the villas. The furnishings which are included in the villa are all luxurious and hint of elegance and style. Te decorations are high end architecture and add to the royalty and high end style of the villas.  The kitchens of the villa are extremely luxurious and have almost all end appliances. Stainless steel appliances and utensils are a p part of the luxurious bedrooms and add to the comfort and style of the villas and make the person who is living in the villa to feel at ease and comfortable.

Certain villas have walls that are similar with other houses but others are built independently and they appear like a single family home.

If you are planning to rent a Villa in Sicily, then go ahead because the experience of residing inside a villa will enrich your experience and will make you yearn for more luxuries and style.